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Sophie Betts is an all-rounder when it comes to bread making. From traditional Rye Bread to exotic Indian Fry Breads and fun feasts like Banana Bread and puddings.

Sophie's recipe's can be found on Bread Recipe Secrets. Sophie is also contributing member of the Bread Recipe Secrets team. Email Sophie Betts

Bread Recipe Secrets

From healthy to hearty and vegan to vegetarian you’ll find an assortment of bread recipe for every taste and occasion.

And we mean EVERY occasion. Try our Indian Fry bread recipe, Sausage bread recipe or even the Garlic Cheese bread recipe.

For those with a milderĀ paletteĀ check out our pumpkin bread recipe which comes with a number of varients including pumpkin bread pudding recipe.

Speaking of pudding, we’ve also posted our bread and butter pudding recipe and banana bread pudding recipe.

For our vegan and celiac readers you’ll find a number of vegan banana bread recipes and gluten free banana bread recipes.

For the weight concious how about low carb bread machine recipes and for the indulgent a white chocolate bread pudding recipe.

They’re all here with easy instructions and catagorised for your convenience. We’ve let loose our master team of chefs and captured their secrets for your benefit.

Remember, if you like the recipe’s or would like to add a variation then please leave a comment at the end of the recipe or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Baking!

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